Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Naturopathic View

I recently had a fascinating exchange on a Canadian site with a fellow named Dave who says he is a student at a Canadian naturopathic school. I think that Dave provided a wealth of information on what licensed NDs believe and are taught in their schools. 

In my other blogs I’ve been careful to limit my comments about what licensed NDs with degrees from their 4-year accredited schools believe and do to what representatives of their profession state themselves either in person or on sites of organizations that represent them, like the sites of their schools and their state and national associations. 

While I don’t know if the views Dave has expressed are representative of the profession, they certainly are consistent with the representative views I am familiar with. 

Although Dave is being educated in a Canadian naturopathic school, the degrees granted by the Canadian and American schools are recognized by the same jurisdictions so that in states and provinces that license NDs with degrees from 4-year accredited ND schools, it doesn’t matter if the degree is from a Canadian or an American institution. For that reason I conclude that the instruction offered in both countries is the same.

As far as I’m concerned, everything Dave has said further confirms what I’ve stated repeatedly. Whether they know it or not, NDs neither learn, understand nor appreciate evidence-based medicine (EBM) itself or even the most basic medical sciences like pharmacology and toxicology. I hope to explain that further in future blogs using the wealth of material Dave has provided. 

But please don’t take my word for any of this. Read the exchange for yourself and draw your own conclusions. 

Whether or not you agree with me or with Dave, doesn’t matter in the least to me. What matters is that if this is a topic that interests you that you review all the relevant material for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


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