Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Amy Rothenberg, A Connecticut Naturopath, And Huffpost Don’t Seem To Want You To Read

Amy Rothenberg, ND had an article published by Huffpost on July 11, 2012,,

I submitted the following comment:

The author states that naturopaths, “look for low risk methods that have few to no side effects”. Unfortunately, they don’t know where to look. If they did, the 241 naturopaths licensed in VT never would have included silver, a heavy metal toxin, in their drug formulary. They would have known that taking it internally is all risk and no benefit and that it is dangerous snake oil that can seriously disfigure you. 
Rosemary Jacobs

As of today, July 15, 2012 my comment has never been posted on the site. Wonder why? Bad for business maybe?

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  1. I've given up with HuffPo in terms of it allowing criticism of its contents particularly in the alt. med. articles.

    Here's a little scribbling at Naturocrit about ND Rothenberg's article which I've titled

    "ND Rothenberg at HuffPo (2012-07): 'ND Roots' That Dare Not Speak Their Roots"

    (see ).

    I find myself regularly explaining truly what naturopathy is AFTER a naturopath at some media outlet incompletely explains naturopathy.


  2. Sorry about what happened to you. I'm not sure why it happened the way it did for you but Colloidal Silver has helped me tremendously but I make my own. I've been taking it for years with no problems.

  3. Chris, although many people sincerely believe that silver has helped them, there is no objective evidence demonstrating that ingesting it in any form or amount has ever benefited anyone and quite a lot of evidence showing that it has discolored many people. Silver was used before the advent of antibiotics. It didn't work but caused many cases of argyria.

    Like alcohol, peroxide and bleach, silver is a disinfectant that kills many germs on contact. There are approved topical drugs used in hospital burn units that contain silver. But silver isn't an antibiotic. It doesn't kill germs inside people who consume it. Neither is it safe to drink. But despite its being a disinfectant, several scientists have told me that they tested many brands of silver supplements, including the homemade kind, in test tubes and found that none killed any of the common bacteria that they tested them against meaning that none even acted like disinfectants.

    Lab analysis has shown that not all silver supplements contain silver even when their labels claim that they do and with those that do, the amount that they contain is often different than the amount listed on the label. That is true of the homemade kind too. Depending on how it is made, there may be almost no silver in the solution. However, there are many recent cases of argyria caused by commercial silver supplements and the homemade kind as well.

    My mother smoked heavily for 65 years. She was the healthiest person I knew. I never remember her having a cold or the flu. She never had any kind of cancer including lung cancer, but I'm sure you will agree that the cigarettes were not the reason for her good health or that because she never got lung cancer that it means that smoking doesn't cause that disease because you know that it has caused it in a great many smokers.

    If your silver supplement actually contains silver, I hope you are as lucky as my mother was.

    Thanks for commenting.

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