Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catherine Stack, The Niagara Gazette, Colloidal Silver

Is nurse Catherine Stack or perhaps the Niagara Gazette moving in the right direction regarding colloidal silver? I’m not sure.

An article appeared in the paper today, September 13, 2011, called Natural Health: Bacteria That Causes Belly Woes which stated that, “Colloidal silver” and other specific ‘natural’ products “are unproven remedies that have helped many individuals.” Well that certainly is an improvement over Stack’s previous article in which she stated, “Many studies seem to reflect that colloidal silver use has been proven to be useful against many different infections and is toxic against all species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and certain viruses.”

But, of course, silver isn’t an “unproven remedy”. It is a disproven one. It is snake oil. Ingesting it in any form or amount offers no benefits whatsoever and can harm you. It can cause argyria making your skin gray like mine or blue like Paul Karason’s.

And yes, there are many people who think that CS has helped them, but there are many people who think that mislabeled water which they were lead to believe offered health benefits has helped them too. Surely, that is something I’d expect a nurse to know. Wouldn’t you?

However, looking at the article published online today by the Niagara Gazette, I’m not certain that Nurse Stack is the author. Just like her other articles a large photo of her appears next to the column and there is a caption below it telling readers about her and giving her contact numbers, but the byline, unlike the previous ones that say “by Catherine Stack”, now reads “by Janet Penn”.

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