Monday, August 23, 2010

What VT NDs Apparently Didn't Know About Silver

What Vermont Naturopaths Apparently Didn’t Know Until I Told Them -
Silver Can Make You Look Like Me Or Paul Karason, The Blue Man Of Oprah Fame. We have argyria. I’m gray. Paul is blue.

What the naturopaths did not know is that silver, the natural element they think is a drug, is a heavy metal toxin which should never be taken internally or put in your eye. It can disfigure you by permanently discoloring your skin (argyria) and eyes (argyrosis). Silver has no known function in the body and does not prevent or cure any illness. It is snake oil! Doctors who learn scientific medicine in school rather than an archaic, pre-scientific, belief-based system like naturopathy have known this for over fifty years. If naturopaths had any knowledge of pharmacology or toxicology, they would have known it too.

This isn’t about one or two ignorant naturopaths, one or two bad apples. It is about a whole barrel full. How do I know that? Because naturopaths included silver in their Vermont Naturopathic Formulary, the list of drugs that they are permitted to use!

When I pointed out their mistake, they brushed me off! What does that tell you about their concern for patients?

Rosemary Jacobs


  1. I'm commenting for two reasons.
    First, I'm truly sorry about the disfigurement caused by your taking silver so long ago. I'm an ND in Oregon, and I don't personally know any NDs who would use silver supplements on their patients. I think its crazy and agree with you about it completely.
    2. As to those who brushed you off, I think you are painting Naturopathic doctors with a broad brush. I do not believe that your experience with a few individuals justifies tarring an entire profession.

    I do not know how silver wound up in the formulary in Vermont, though it would be an interesting story to track down I'm sure. Not everything that is included in a formulary is used in practice. At any rate, just thought I'd tell you that I agree with your stand on silver supplements (which are being sold and used by people all across the country and promoted by survivalist type magazines and in survivalist and fundamentalist communities, more's the shame of it)

  2. Thank you for your comment. I do not believe that my experience with NDs is limited to a few individuals. I believe that I have been heard and ignored by most all of those licensed in Vermont, including the ones who legally represent the profession.
    I have also been heard and ignored by many others throughout the US and Canada. Some I emailed directly. Others commented on the same articles that I commented on, articles about NDs that appeared in local newspapers promoting the profession.
    Aside from you and one other ND not in VT who contacted me privately, I haven’t heard from any others. The other fellow wanted me to blog about how bad those who practice evidence-based medicine are.

  3. Thanks for letting the world know the harm these people can do.